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The Canadian Jesters are organized along geographic lines into five regions – Atlantic, Quebec, Ontario, Western and Pacific, each managed by its own committee, with the national committee coordinating the whole. Members play games amongstĀ  themselves and promote their sport through games with schools, universities and other clubs. In Canada, squash is the primary game played. As well as playing matches, the Canadian arm of the Jesters Club works to develop the squash skills and sportsmanship habits of young men and women, which it does in various ways. In British Columbia and Ontario, this currently takes the form of sponsoring various junior tournaments and activities through Squash Ontario and by the efforts of individual Jesters on behalf of worthy juniors.

A branch of the Jesters Club was formed in British Columbia in 1956. At that time there were only two members, E.R. (Ned) Larsen, Headmaster of Shawnigan Lake School, and Dr. Kemble Greenwood of Victoria. Today the BC Jesters number 70+.

The BC jesters meet socially on a regular basis. They are actively involved with promoting junior squash, university play and they host an annual doubles tournament.

The BC Jesters are
Dave Adams
Bruce Alexander
Larry Armstrong
Robert Armstrong
Rashid Aziz
Tim Bale
Eric Barclay
Ian Beardmore
Harry Bell-lrving
Viktor Berg
Bill Bowen
Thomas Brinkman
Lynn Broman
Allan Brown
Winston Cabell
Ruth Castellino
Keith Clark
Gavin Cooper
Brian Covernton
Cathy Covernton
Greg Desaulniers
Neil Desaulniers
Simon Dorey
Rob Forrest
Jim Geddes
Barry Gifford
David Goldsmith
Tony Goodson
Phil Green
Mike Greenwood
Ryan Haider
Chris Harley
Mark Heaney
Garett Hennigan
John Hungerford
Michael Jackson
Steve Jacobs
Rahim Jessa
Martin Kaffka
Geraint Khan
Tarek Khan
Kevin Kydd
Mike Leckie
David Leman
Andrew Lynn
Doug MacDougall
Scott MacInnis
Ken Mackenrot
Paul Marley
Tim Martin
Richard Martin
Brian McGaw
lan McNeil
Marvin Mizinski
George Morfitt
Rod Nicolls
John Osburn
Roger Ovens
Robert Pacey
Gerry Poulton
Adam Radziminski
Mark Ridgeway
John Roche
Bruce Russell
Brooke Siver
Bob Smart
Russell Smith
Paul Stevenson
David Thom
Ben Thomas
Mark Thompson
Henry Tregilias
Sue Wastie
Hugh Woolley
John Zaplatynsky

Recent Inductees
Sue Kaffka
Kelly Latrimouille
Justin Todd