2016 Calcutta

Jesters Weekend

June 10/11, 2016

As in prior years there was a Doubles Calcutta, a golf tournament and an informal evening gathering.

Calcutta – There were 16 players representing a wide range of age and playing ability (Justin Todd just completed a season on the doubles pro circuit and Bruce Matthews has never played doubles!).

Players involved: Justin Todd, Michael Leckie, Morgan Latremouille, Mark Heaney, Tim Martin, Ingus Silgailis, Ryan Haider, Greg Desaulniers, Carolyn Russell, Steve Jacobs, Cathy Covernton, Nicola Martin, Bruce Matthews, Paul Stevenson, Martin Kaffka and Richard Martin.

The teams were chosen by a draw and some teams were clearly superior to others. However, with the handicapping most matches were very close and exciting. In the final Justin Todd/Steve Jacobs squeaked out victory over Morgan Latremouille/Mark Heaney. Morgan/Mark were relentless in hitting the ball at Steve, Steve responded with consistent returns. At times though his role was simply keeping out of the way of Justin – who managed to cover the entire court.

Bids were received from Keith Clark, John Hungerford, Winston Cabell, Hugh Woolley, Ingus Silgailis, Paul Stevenson, Eric Barclay, Greg Desaulniers, Bruce Matthews, Bill Bowen, Morgan Latremouille, Tony Goodson and Martin Kaffka.

The winning bidders were Keith Clark and Bruce Matthews, who share 50% of the pot. Maintaining a tradition of donating some or all of their winnings back the 2020 Fund will receive $2,075 this year from this event…..well done!

Many thanks to the players and bidders noted above and to Morgan for organizing this event.

2016 Jesters Pacific Northwest Junior Squash Championships

2016 Jesters Pacific Northwest Junior Championships- February 11-14

This year’s event set yet another attendance record with 225 players representing six provinces and two western states. Over the four day event a total of 475 matches were played on 13 courts at Cedar Hill, St Michael’s University School and the Victoria Squash Club.

Since this event was identified by Squash Canada in 2014 as one of four qualifying events for National Junior Team selection, we have hosted some of the country’s best junior athletes. This year’s list of top Canadian ranked players in attendance was impressive:

Boys Under 19
#1 Rahul Sahrawat (Ontario)
#2 Michael Mehl (Alberta)
#6 Matthew Toth (BC)
#8 Matthew Henderson (BC)
#9 Noel Heaton (Alta)

Girls Under 19
#5 Grace Thomas (BC)
#6 Nicole Kendall (Ont)
#7 Hannah Blatt (Man)
#9 Andrea Toth (BC) and
#10 Nour Elhendawi (BC)

There was also great talent in the Under 17, Under 15 and Under 13 events.

Complete draws:

Some sixty volunteers were on hand to provide meals, register players, manage court control and officiate some of the main Under 19 and Under 17 matches. On behalf of the volunteers, players, coaches and parents, I would like to express my sincere appreciation of the British Columbia Jesters for your continuing support of this event.

This year’s winner of the George Morfitt Sportmanship Award was Grace Thomas of Victoria. The award was presented on behalf of the Jesters by Urmas Anniko, Cedar Hill Squash Club President

Philip Green

2015 Calcutta

This year’s annual fundraiser for Squash BC’s 2020 Fund was played at the Vancouver Racquets Club on June 18-19, 2015.

Player handicaps:2015 Calcutta

First Round Matches:
1) Brian Covernton and Morgan Latremouille defeated Lynn Broman and Natasha Doucas

2) Tim Martin and Carolyn Russell defeated Nicola Martin and Hugh Wooley

3) Robert Pacey and Mark Heaney defeated Deidre Smith and Cathy Covernton

4) Mike Leckie and Chris Harley defeated Sue Wastie and Greg Desaulniers

Second Round Matches:
1) Brian Covernton and Morgan Latremouille defeated Tim Martin and Carolyn Russell (3-2)

2) Robert Pacey and Mark Heaney defeated Mike Leckie and Chris Harley (3-2)

1) Robert Pacey and Mark Heaney defeated Brian Covernton and Morgan Latremouille (3-2)

Thank you to  the following individuals who pledged funds to the Calcutta and helped raise $2700 for the 2020 Fund:

Winston Cabell
Keith Clark
Deidre Smith
Rashid Aziz
Graham Brown
John Hungerford
Tony Goodson
Doug MacDougall
Paul Stevenson
Allan Brown
Hugh Woolley
Lynn Broman
Cathy Covernton
Eric Barclay
David Goldsmith
Rod Nicolls
Michael Leckie
Sue Wastie
Gavin Cooper
Ruth Castellino
Dave Adams
Carolyn Russell
Natasha Doucas
Steve Jacobs
Tony Goodson
Anonymous Donor #1
Anonymous Donor #2

2015 Jesters Pacific Northwest Junior Championships

Dear Jesters,

This year’s Jesters Pacific Northwest Junior Championships (PNW) drew 220 entries, up slightly from 2014. Included in this number was a record 51 players from Alberta and, for the first time in many years, a group of ten players arrived from Portland, Oregon.

Two years ago, a decision was made to eliminate the Novice divisions and instead, run two separate local events for these players in November and December. We had 148 players registered in ‘Main’ events while the ‘B’ draws attracted another 72 players.

Saturday was our busiest day with 13 courts in full swing at Cedar Hill, Victoria Squash Club and St Michael’s University School. A grand total of 432 matches were run over the weekend. We are very fortunate to have a core of volunteers who are committed to ensuring the success of the PNW every year. This years’ remarkable crew numbered 38 and they did everything from court control, registration, food services, transportation and officiating. Ben Uliana applied his technical skills to setting up live streaming on two courts and the quality of the feed was the best ever.

The George Morfitt Sportsmanship Award was presented by John Roche on behalf of the B.C. Jesters. This year’s recipient was Matthew Henderson of Victoria

As always, we are grateful for the support of the British Columbia Jesters. Over the past few years, the Jesters’ name has become synonymous with the promotion of junior Squash. My first opportunity to chair the PNW came in 1970 at the age of seventeen. The freshly opened Racquet Club of Victoria had three courts and I believe we had about 45 players that weekend. At the time, it seemed like a lot! While that facility is soon to be demolished, the tournament it once hosted there continues to flourish with your help.

On behalf of all this years’ players, parents and coaches – thank you! Your contribution to this event and to junior Squash in the province is very much appreciated.

Phillip Green

To see RESULTS follow the link and click on the ‘View’ icon for each event: http://www.r2sports.com/tourney/divisions/listAllDivs.asp?TID=13602&sortBy=defaultOrder


2015 BC Jesters Doubles Tournament


Congratulations to Tony Goodson, Brian Covernton, Greg Desaulniers & Tim Martin for a SOLD OUT 64 player event.

This year’s winners were Laura Ramsey and Brian Gulayets  who defeated Nicola Martin and Bill James in the final.

The other semi-finalists were Rick Kochanski, Emma Parke, Michael Gillanders and Charlie Maddison.


This year’s edition of the BC Jesters Doubles Squash Tournament starts tonight with matches taking place at the Vancouver Racquets Club, The Vancouver Lawn Tennis and Badminton Club, the Evergreen Squash Club and the Hollyburn Country Club.

Special thanks to Howe Sound Brewing for their support.

Information on the draw can be found here.

2015 Jesters Doubles

2014 Calcutta

The BC Jesters are holding their annual Doubles Calcutta on Friday, June 20, 2014, at The Vancouver Lawn & Tennis Club and Vancouver Racquets Club. 2/3 of the monies raised will again go directly to the 2020 Fund which is an initiative of Squash BC that promotes the growth of the game of squash through the development of junior squash. This event is open to the public and admission is FREE.

• Bids are accepted for individual players and each player has a handicap.
• Once the bidding closes players will be randomly assigned to teams and randomly placed in the draw.
• Each team’s handicap will be the sum of the two team member handicaps added together (i.e. it is possible for a team to have a negative handicap.)
• All matches are best of five games.
• ‘Pro-am scoring’ will be in effect – i.e. a team team that loses a game gets 3 additional handicap points for the next game – unless this would bring them automatically to 15 points, in which case the three points are subtracted from the other team’s handicap. If a team loses the first game and then wins the second game, the three points that were awarded after the first game are deducted (rather than added to the other team).

This year’s bid total was $2,680, with 96 total bids being made over 3 days. Thank you to everyone who bid and especially those who ended the auction as high bidders. The full results of the auction can be seen on the website: http://jesterscalcutta.eflea.ca/

The Doubles Calcutta Draw is attached below, with net handicaps indicated after each team.

Please come out and join us tomorrow at VRC and VLTBC for the event. The semis are scheduled at VLTBC at 6PM and 7PM, with the finals planned for 8pm.

Brian Covernton 0 ($200 Allan Brown)
Chris Harley -2 ($200 John Hungerford & Bill Bowen)
Mike Jackson +6 ($125 Paul Stevenson)
Morgan Latremouille -5 ($200 John Hungerford & Bill Bowen)
Michael Leckie -6  ($200 Hugh Woolley)
Doug MacDougall +2 ($200 Doug MacDougall)
Mark Ridgeway -4 ($200 John Hungerford & Bill Bowen)
Robert Pacey 0  ($150 Paul Stevenson)
Lynn Broman +4  ($125 Lynn Broman)
Ryan Haider -3  ($125 Tony Goodson)
Mark Heaney -4 ($200 Keith Clark)
Nicola Martin 0  ($130 Eric Barclay)
Rod Nichols +3 ($150 Winston Cabell)
Adam Radziminski -2 ($125 Greg Desaulniers)
Carolyn Russell +2 ($150 Paul Stevenson)
Ben Thomas -2 ($200 Bruce Matthews)
2014 Calcutta PosterPAST WINNERS
2013 – Mark Heaney & Robert Pacey
2012 – Ruth Castellino & Robert Pacey
2011 – Michael Leckie & Geraint Khan
2010 – Brian Covernton & Adam Radziminski

BC Jesters win Ken Cummane Award

Squash BC recently announced their annual award winners for 2013/2014 and for the second time in 3 years, the BC Jesters have been awarded the Ken Cummane award. The BC Jesters raised and donated over $2800 to the 2020 Fund last year. The 2020 Fund is an initiative of Squash BC with the goal of protecting the future of squash in British Columbia. As funding from government and other sources becomes less and less predictable, it is important that we find alternative ways to ensure a sound financial future for Squash.

The BC Jesters continue to be a great partner of Squash BC and an advocate for the game across the province. – Jordan Abney, Executive Director, Squash BC

The Ken Cummane Award was donated by the Ken Cummane Foundation and is presented to the club or organization that contributes the most to the Squash BC 2020 Fund throughout the year.

Ken Cummane Award



Vancouver and Victoria Jesters Fixture

On March 8th, 2014, seven Jesters (Allan Brown, John Hungerford, Chris Harley, Ryan Haider, Mark Ridgeway, Morgan Latremouille and Hugh Woolley) traveled to Victoria for a day of squash and a wonderful dinner.

Victoria had a great turn out.  Mike Greenwood stopped by to watch the matches but unfortunately couldn’t make dinner (or was too paranoid to show-up when he heard that Hungie was planning a roast of Mike’s antics on the infamous BC Chinooks squash tours of Kenya and Thailand).  Thanks to Phil Green, Stu Dixon, George Morfitt, John Roche, Scott MacInnis, Brian MaGaw and Ben Uliana for their hospitality.  Unfortunately, Gerry Poulton was unable to attend as he was in Virginia defending his US National squash crown.

John and Allan provided an update on Jesters activities especially their efforts concerning assisting university squash.

It was great to get the insight of the Victoria Jesters and hopefully we can continue to work together to further squash in our province.  In this regard, we are going to investigate the possibility of a Jesters tour to play matches against the three Vancouver Island private schools that have their own squash courts (SMUS, Brentwood and Shawinigan Lake).

The Victoria Jesters were asked to select a representative to liaise with the Vancouver Jesters on a more regular basis.

Thanks to John Hungerford and Phil Green for making this event possible.