2017 Calcutta

This year’s annual fundraiser for Squash BC’s 2020 Fund was played at the newly renovated Vancouver Lawn tennis and Badminton Club on June 16, 2017.

First Round Matches
1) Paul Stevenson and Greg Desaulniers defeated Carolyn Russell and Madeleine Sava

2) Hugh Wooley and Justin Todd defeated Thomas Brinkman and Kelly Latrimouille

3) Lynn Broman and Brian Covernton defeated David Adams and Tim Martin

4) Viktor Berg and Robert Pacey defeated Mark Heaney and Morgan Latrimouille

Second Round Matches
1) Lynn Broman and Brian Covernton defeated Viktor Berg and Robert Pacey

2) Hugh Wooley and Justin Todd defeated Paul Stevenson and Greg Desaulniers

Hugh Wooley and Justin Todd defeated Lynn Broman and Brian Covernton

Check out match ball with Todd and Wooley down 7-14:










2017 Jesters Pacific Northwest Junior Championships

2017 Jesters Pacific Northwest Junior Championships

Dear Jesters

This year’s event drew a record 233 entries and included many of Canada’s leading players. I’m pleased to report that our BC contingent fared very well. Grace Thomas (Victoria) and Andrea Toth (Richmond) met in the Girl’s Under 19 final with the win going to Thomas in a tight four game match. In the Boys Under 19 semi-final, Ryan Picken (Shawnigan) eliminated top seed Akasham Rajagopaul (Niagra Falls) but was unable to overcome 2nd seed Brett Schille (Calgary) in the final. Additional B.C highlights are listed below.

Over the years, Jester’s sponsorship has helped us to maintain a reasonable entry fee for this event. Additional Jester’s funding in 2017 allowed us to enhance player meals, upgrade the tournament souvenir and to add a third place award in all fifteen divisions.

A volunteer crew of over fifty provided vital services including court control, meal services and registration. In addition, we had 17 local players referee all the Under 19 and Under 17 quarter finals and beyond, plus all the first matches each day.  In total there were 476 matches played at three venues on 13 courts. We gratefully acknowledge and thank St. Michael’s University School and Stuart Dixon at the Victoria Squash Club for the use of their facilities. We also thank Lynne Grass of Shawnigan Lake School who provided an inter venue shuttle on Friday. And finally, a special thanks to John Roche who I believe has assisted at every PNW hosted at Cedar Hill since 1993 – amazing!

The Pacific Northwest Junior tournament was inaugurated in 1969 and has now run continuously for 48 years. In that first year, I was among the participants. I believe it was here where I was introduced to and then thrashed by John Hungerford. Tragic as that was, my occasional glimpses of the front wall cemented a lasting affection for the game and this event in particular. It was my pleasure to run the tournament numerous times from 1970 through to 1982. After a four year stint at Edmonton’s Royal Glenora Club, I returned to Victoria in 1986 and this was the beginning of an unbroken thirty year association with the PNW. How time flies!

In 2018, the PNW will be hosted under new leadership. I am confident that Ben Uliana and his team will continue to enhance the event’s reputation as one of Canada’s most popular Junior tournaments.

To all B.C. Jesters: thank you for your enduring support of Junior Squash in the province
With thanks,
Philip Green

Other notable BC results in Open divisions include:

Boys Under 17  
John Dempsey  2nd
Emilio Carrillo 3rd
Sayeed Mavani 4th

Girls Under 17  
Sarah Cao 1st

Boys Under 15  
Christian Yuen 3rd

Girls Under 15  
Julia Horsey 1st

Boys Under 13  
Joseph Toth 1st

Girls Under 13  
Grace Huang 1st
Maria Min 2nd
Ava Bicknell 4th

Boys Under 11  
Ryan Vest 2nd
Galen Armstrong 3rd

Six ‘B’ divisions were also offered

Boys Under 17/19 B     
1. Lucas Galloway
2. Mark Felea-Motet
3. Amir Djearam

Girls Under 17B       
1. Annika Lakhani
2. Angel Hu
3. Carolina Mees

Boys Under 15B   
1. Ian Heck
2. Cole Parmar
3. Oliver Kerr

Girls Under 13/15B  
1. Bernice Xiao
2. Juliana Angel
3. Ava Galloway

Boys Under 13B   
1. Razaan Lalji
2. Tyler Driscoll
3. Ryan Khakzad

Boys Under 11B    
1. Nathan Campo
2. Anderson Brown
3. Jonathan Gower

> >  Click here to view the draws.







2017 BC Jesters Doubles Tournament Wrap Up

The BC Jesters Club hosted its 36th annual doubles tournament with 60 participants playing 4 matches with different partners and opponents over 4 days (Feb 15-18) with the top four qualifiers on each wall going into Sunday semi finals and finals.

First Semi final: Gerry Whitworth/Warren Woodman def Rip Peterman/Mike Gillanders 3-1
Second Semi final: Dennis Forsman/Keith Schaefer def Tony Quan/John Hungerford 3-2

Final: Gerry Whitworth/Warren Woodman def Dennis Forsman/Keith Schaefer 3-0

The BC Jesters Club pays all tournament expenses, so all entry funds and additional donations from Jesters will be donated to the 2020 FUND. We are proud to announce that we have raised $2,955.00!

The 2020 Fund was established in 2000 by Squash BC to help protect the future of squash in British Columbia. As funding from government and other sources becomes less predictable, it is important to find alternative ways to ensure a sound financial future for the sport of squash.

The income accumulated through the 2020 Fund will be used to promote the growth of the game through the development of junior squash. By establishing a vibrant and well-financed junior program, Squash BC will take a major step toward a successful future for the sport in this province.

Thanks to sponsors – Squash BC (balls) Howe Sound Brewing (beer for Evergreen) Steamworks Brewing Company (beer at VRC). Thanks to VRC and cohost clubs for the use of their facilities.

Also thanks to the tournament organizers: Tony Goodson, Greg Desaulniers, Tim Martin and Brian Covernton. Kudos to all the Jesters who played and/or officiated during the week. All in all it was a week of great fun and comraderie.

2017 BC Jesters Doubles Tournament

This year’s 36th edition of the BC Jesters Doubles Squash Tournament starts February 15 and runs through to the 19th. Matches will be  taking place at the Vancouver Racquets Club, The Vancouver Lawn Tennis and Badminton Club, the Evergreen Squash Club and the Hollyburn Country Club.

The last two years have sold out (64 players max) so sign up early.

100% of your entry fee goes to the 2020 Fund for the Future of Junior Squash. For more information on the fund, or to donate directly, please visit their Vancouver Foundation Donation Page.

Special thanks to Howe Sound Brewing, Steam Works Brewery and Squash Republic for their support.

Register online now.

2016 South African Fixture

SA Jesters outbound tour to Canada – September 7 to 24, 2016

The following is an excerpt from the journal of the SA Jesters’ tour to Canada.


DAY 14:
We arrived at Kelowna in the dark, so it was great to have a little time to see it during daylight. A most pretty harbour and downtown area, and where the homeless people living in the gardens are quite upmarket, as one was quite gently lying in the gardens reading his iPad…. Question: where does he charge it? Then it was time to drive through to Vancouver. First stop was at the simply beautiful setting of Mission Hills Wine Estate, for a quick stop and a quick look around. From there, we drove through to meet Paul Stevenson, David Adams and Rashid Aziz at Othello Tunnels, some 2 hours east of Vancouver. After a lovely picnic lunch, it was time to explore the tunnels. These tunnels were built for the railroads, and were a means to work the railroad through the hills and winding river. Quite an engineering feat, and really nice environment to wander around in, especially trying to figure out how these towering trees manage to stay secured on virtually bare rock face. Then it was time to face the famous, or infamous, Vancouver traffic, which was surprisingly light. We managed to drop off the hire cars, but not before Via Canada tried to fleece us to the tune of CAN$75 per vehicle, as we had parked in the incorrect parking bay. Once all this was sorted out, it was off to our billets for the first of 4 nights in Vancouver.

DAY 15:
A visit to the Capilano Suspension Bridge, which was spectacular not just for the engineering feat of actually building the bridge, but also for the new record of the Bluck’s by being 60 minutes late for our meeting time. We really should have had a stronger drinks fines protocol in place….. In their defence, they were on the south side of Vancouver, and therefore had a bit of a trip, but was it also because they were staying with John Hungerford? What was also spectacular was the trees that were in the surrounding gardens, the tallest being a Douglas Fir some 600 years old and 250 feet tall. The suspension bridge itself was 117m long and at its low point you were at the same height as the top of the Statue of Liberty. So – quite a morning for those of us who aren’t too crazy about heights, but good to conquer these fears, even in just some small way. After Capilano, we went straight to a most delicious lunch at Canyon Restaurant close to Capilano, with menu’s especially made out for us with the Jesters logo on it. Detail, again, and much acknowledged and appreciated. The regular liquid lunch ensued, with us following the maxim of a bird can’t fly on one wing, so everything had to be in even numbers. From there we went to Evergreen Squash Club for some casual and creative (I.e. High wall) squash. And then it was off to the formal dinner at the Capilano Golf Club, with all of us actually scrubbing up quite decently. The setting was amazing, looking out over Vancouver. Everyone in jacket and tie, or evening dress, and looking quite dapper, even in the rather distinctive blue and orange blazer of WPCC…. After some brief introductions from Paul and Duncan, it was left to Terry Owen to present the plaque on behalf of the SA Jesters, which he did excellently, although perhaps breaking doctor-patient confidentiality, and then we were royally entertained by Mike Jackson singing us a few songs, one about the Canadian BC Jesters, and then the infamous Dog Song. Very amusing. Absolutely spoiled with the most incredible spread of food, and that brought to an end a really full day in Vancouver.

DAY 16:
First up was a drive to Squamish, stopping at Furry Creek, Shannon Falls and Chief. The great news is we didn’t lose Willy along the way. The drive there was absolutely gorgeous, with the most incredible views. Vancouver truly is a very pretty city. The walk at Furry Creek was beautiful, in gloriously sunny weather, and on a great little walkway around the waters edge. The only thing missing was a whale popping up, but not to be. Next stop was Shannon Falls, which is a very impressive waterfall. What was equally impressive was Chief very near by, which is a sheer rock face, and world famous as a Mecca for climbers. The rock face is so enormous, and so sheer, that you actually think no-one is on it, and then suddenly you start seeing these climbers – that literarily look like tiny ants on the rock face – and once you have picked one, you start to see more and more. Crazy people. From there it was a short drive to lunch at a picture perfect setting in Squamish, right next to a beautiful river, with salmon jumping and seals pottering around in the water. It was so picturesque that jugs of Sangria were ordered, which seemed most appropriate. After lunch off we headed to Grouse Mountain. Andrew, Carol, Pieter, Ryan, Terry and Tracey were the intrepid souls who tackled the Grouse Grind, whilst the rest of us took the leisurely 4 minute gondola up. Broomy popped up at the top of the Grind in roughly 55 minutes, basically saying he had taken it relatively easy, and with hardly a drop of sweat on him. Legend. There must be something in this mountain biking thing. The rest followed shortly thereafter, in differing degrees of humour and sweat. The two grizzly bears at the top put on a bit of a show for us, and the lumberjack demonstration was most amusing. Down Grouse Mountain and off to smaller, separate dinner parties this evening, in anticipation of, rather sadly, our final full day tomorrow on this ridiculously awesome tour.

DAY 17:
Our final full day of this 2016 SA Jesters outbound tour to Canada. And for the first time in 17 days, a day of rain greeted us. This scuppered the planned cycle ride through Stanley Park, which would have been awesome, but we ended up going to watch a movie called Fly Over Canada. What a fabulous movie – think IMAX meets virtual reality. You are strapped in to seats and then you are immersed in this birds-eye view of Canada, as you fly over the country from east to west – much like we had just done. Together with mist sprays, and wind and smell experiences as you flew over different parts of the country. Quite spectacular – almost as spectacular as Deidre Smith-Baker’s maneuver to outthink a fellow battling parker in the Canada Place parking lot. If truth be told, she needed to interject as Doug Macdougall was not making much headway. After Fly Over Canada it was time to make a hasty retreat to Jericho, for our final squash match of the tour. I’ve always been told that the squash is secondary on these tours, but perhaps news had reached Vancouver that we had been all-conquering on our travels. This resulted in a very strong line-up being trotted out to face us in our final fixture. And what a fixture it was. Ebb and flow, ying and yang. Tracey got us off to her customary strong start – finishing undefeated throughout the tour. Legendary, ma’am, legendary. Up against it as Ryan came up against a strong opponent. But no worry, Big Willie brought us back to a 2-1 lead. Broomy finally succumbed in 5 high-quality games, to the recently crowned US 45 years and up champion, so a high quality opponent. 2-2…. Piet unfortunately went down, but your humble scribe managed to pull it back to 3-3, so it all came down to the final match, with Terry on court. Before we knew it, it was 2-2 in games, with Terry deploying the dual strategy of Luftwaffe-like aerial attacks with high lobs, and then deft, surgeon-like touch with his drops. Deep in to the 5th, but unfortunately Terry went down in 5, and so it happened that our flag was finally lowered, albeit in the most Jesterly fashion.
And so on to our final function, at the most impressive residence of Russell and Gillian Smith, but not before Ryan and I had dashed off to pick up a hire car, which will make more sense later. A really fantastic turnout, ably supported by the Vancouver Jesters. Kind final words from Paul Stevenson, and a final bit of Jesterly entertainment from Lou Duys, and it was time to say our farewells, at which stage I started questioning where my passport was….. to recall that I believe I left it in the hire car…. A few frantic phone calls later and said passport was found. My wife continues to shake her head at me. A huge thank you to our hosts in Vancouver, Paul and Jackie Stevenson, Russell and Gillian Smith, Doug and Jan MacDougall, John and Debbie Hungerford, Deirdre Smith-Baker and Steve Baker, and Toni and Bruni Goodson.

sa-jesters-01 sa-jesters-02 sa-jesters-03 sa-jesters-04



2016 Calcutta

Jesters Weekend

June 10/11, 2016

As in prior years there was a Doubles Calcutta, a golf tournament and an informal evening gathering.

Calcutta – There were 16 players representing a wide range of age and playing ability (Justin Todd just completed a season on the doubles pro circuit and Bruce Matthews has never played doubles!).

Players involved: Justin Todd, Michael Leckie, Morgan Latremouille, Mark Heaney, Tim Martin, Ingus Silgailis, Ryan Haider, Greg Desaulniers, Carolyn Russell, Steve Jacobs, Cathy Covernton, Nicola Martin, Bruce Matthews, Paul Stevenson, Martin Kaffka and Richard Martin.

The teams were chosen by a draw and some teams were clearly superior to others. However, with the handicapping most matches were very close and exciting. In the final Justin Todd/Steve Jacobs squeaked out victory over Morgan Latremouille/Mark Heaney. Morgan/Mark were relentless in hitting the ball at Steve, Steve responded with consistent returns. At times though his role was simply keeping out of the way of Justin – who managed to cover the entire court.

Bids were received from Keith Clark, John Hungerford, Winston Cabell, Hugh Woolley, Ingus Silgailis, Paul Stevenson, Eric Barclay, Greg Desaulniers, Bruce Matthews, Bill Bowen, Morgan Latremouille, Tony Goodson and Martin Kaffka.

The winning bidders were Keith Clark and Bruce Matthews, who share 50% of the pot. Maintaining a tradition of donating some or all of their winnings back the 2020 Fund will receive $2,075 this year from this event…..well done!

Many thanks to the players and bidders noted above and to Morgan for organizing this event.

2016 Jesters Pacific Northwest Junior Squash Championships

2016 Jesters Pacific Northwest Junior Championships- February 11-14

This year’s event set yet another attendance record with 225 players representing six provinces and two western states. Over the four day event a total of 475 matches were played on 13 courts at Cedar Hill, St Michael’s University School and the Victoria Squash Club.

Since this event was identified by Squash Canada in 2014 as one of four qualifying events for National Junior Team selection, we have hosted some of the country’s best junior athletes. This year’s list of top Canadian ranked players in attendance was impressive:

Boys Under 19
#1 Rahul Sahrawat (Ontario)
#2 Michael Mehl (Alberta)
#6 Matthew Toth (BC)
#8 Matthew Henderson (BC)
#9 Noel Heaton (Alta)

Girls Under 19
#5 Grace Thomas (BC)
#6 Nicole Kendall (Ont)
#7 Hannah Blatt (Man)
#9 Andrea Toth (BC) and
#10 Nour Elhendawi (BC)

There was also great talent in the Under 17, Under 15 and Under 13 events.

Complete draws:

Some sixty volunteers were on hand to provide meals, register players, manage court control and officiate some of the main Under 19 and Under 17 matches. On behalf of the volunteers, players, coaches and parents, I would like to express my sincere appreciation of the British Columbia Jesters for your continuing support of this event.

This year’s winner of the George Morfitt Sportmanship Award was Grace Thomas of Victoria. The award was presented on behalf of the Jesters by Urmas Anniko, Cedar Hill Squash Club President

Philip Green